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A #Euro Vegan Shepherds Lasagne…


Two weekends ago I invented a EuroVeganShepherdsLasagne and I have to say it was delicious. Oh, don’t worry, no shepherds were hurt in the process although I did boil a fair few green lentils to within an inch of their lives but they didn’t mind… because they’re lentils.

The Long Version…

Anyway, let me tell you how this culinary masterpiece came about. Yes, because, you see, I’ve always been a bit of a ‘vege.’ Why, I remember as a teen eating nut loaf with all the trimmings for Christmas dinner.

A Rather Scary Incident

Simple picture of a fish-finger, a bone shaped like a tree branch and a mouth

Then, as a student, I became a dedicated pescatarian until a rather scary incident involving a fish-finger, a bone the size of a tree branch and the soft fleshy part at back of my mouth; and I stopped for a couple of months.

Chomping Down On Drum-Sticks

And all throughout my adulthood I’ve had a very strange relationship with chicken. One day I’d be chomping down on a plateful of drum-sticks and then flinging the remains over my shoulder; and the next day I’d be heaving at the mere mention of the word ‘chicken.’ (I put it down to me having a pet chicken as a little girl and three hens when I was in my mid-twenties.)


Simple picture of four chickens

But it was one cold October nearly two years ago, when I collected Floppydopolous, Semi, Fork and Pam from the British Hen Welfare Trust that I decided enough was enough; vegetarianism/veganism was definitely the path that I wanted to go down. And…

The Short Version…

Oh, you wanted the short version? Oh, well, the short version is I didn’t have much food in the house last Saturday night so I decided to make a ‘vege’ lasagne while watching the Eurovision. I got distracted when Australia came on (I know it’s not good to have your tea late but sometimes you’ve got to live a little) and I accidentally put a butternut squash mash on top of the lasagne instead of white sauce. That’s it… That’s how I invented the #EuroVeganShepherdsLasagne!

And One More Thing…

Simple picture of a money-off voucher

Oh and, by the way, I did write a letter of complaint to the fish-finger company but – can you believe it? – as a gesture of goodwill they sent me vouchers for more fish-fingers. Mmm, I know. Thoughtless doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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