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A Poem About My Lack Of Blog Post This Week



My Pink Christmas Tree


Do you mind if I don’t do a blogpost this week?

It’s just that I’ve got things to do.

The washing, the ironing… you know how it is?

And I’m guessing that you’re busy too.


Oh, I’m nowhere near ready for Christmas yet;

In fact, I’ve not written one card.

But what with three hens and a house and a cat,

Plus a load of commitments: it’s hard.


But I have put the tree up

(That much I will say).

And it’s gaudy and glitzy and pink.

And although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea

I’d love to know what you think.


So instead of that blogpost I mentioned before,

Why not check out my fabulous tree?

It won’t disappoint (well, at least, I hope not)

Come by Sunday at just after three.



And here it is…. Yeay!



photo of my super kitsch, glitzy and gaudy pink Christmas tree

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