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A woman contemplating life, incognito

A Poetry Section

A quick poem written on 7th December 20128 after reading in the Hawaii News Now about a seal with an eel stuck up its nose…

A seal with an eel

stuck up its snout.

Wonder if it hurt

when they pulled it out?


Well, I finally reached the end of the fabulous Help Me Book and I simply had to finish it on a high, so I wrote – not one but – two poems for the very funny, entertaining and inspirational Marianne Power. The first poem was this:

What a bloomin’ good read; The Help Me Blog book,

I did not want it to end.

If I had to add any more to that



Cartoon picture of christmas bauble and holly and The Help Me book by Marianne Power








And the second, and last, poem was this:

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed

What a journey you went on Marianne.

May your future be sparkly and filled with great joy.

Love from Q, your number one fan!

(Yes, I know… it’s excellent, isn’t it? Man, I’m good at this poetry stuff.)


A Christmas bauble with The Help Me Book (by Marianne Power) front cover inside the bauble










And on 18th November 2018 this fabulous poetic report on chapter 16 of  book appeared in my head as if my magic:

So you met a man with a beard.

He was normal; wore tweed; wasn’t weird.

You talked & you ate then you walked home quite late.

(Gosh, I’m worse at poetry than I feared.) 



On 5th November 2018 this simple little offering popped into my head for  Book. Oh, and the squirrel piccy too but that was completely unrelated.

So you read The Power of Now

which you initially thought too highbrow.

But you found it quite pleasant

to live in the present

when you’d finally figured out how.


squirrel pushing an acorn in a trolley cartoon


In anticipation of reading Chptr 10 in  I wrote this on October 14th 2018:

This chapter is all about angels

Are they real? Do they even exist?

I guess I’ll have to read it

To see if they’re just scotch mist.


#NationalPoetryDay National Poetry Day poem


A Poem about the fab book chptrs 6&7 written on 14th October 2018.

So you did a retreat

where you talked to Geoff,

you laid on the floor & wept;

you hugged a tree

but most of all

you lounged by the pool and slept.



A few poems that I wrote for National Poetry Day on 3rd October 2018. As you can see, I was really on a roll…


I’m coming off Twitter

cos I need to get fitter;

I’ll be switching my phone off at ten.

I’ll jog until dinner

(or at least till I’m thinner)

and then come back on it again.


Well, I’m now back on Twitter

not the slightest bit fitter.

In fact, I’m a physical wreck.

My controlled roly-poly

was performed far too slowly

and now I’ve just damaged my neck.


A Poem By Q

I have this skill

(a gift if you will)

Yes, I’m really good at rhyming.

The thing is though,

sometimes I’m slow,

and then I make a right hash of it and seem to get a bit delayed with the timing…


A Poem By Q

Whoever said

poetry was dead

couldn’t have read my work.

The way I rhyme

almost all of the time

(well, either that or they’re a burk).


poem #NationalPoetryDay National Poetry day


A Poem By Q

I fell into poetry by accident;

didn’t realise I was so great,

but book 

was all that it took

to see that it was my fate.


October 3rd 2018 and I officially offered my services as a bespoke poem-maker as it was National Poetry Day.


A Poem by Q

Send me a subject

and I’ll tweet you a poem;

it’ll be off the top of my head.

And if you don’t like it

just get back to me

and I’ll send you a piccy instead.


#NationalPoetryDay2018 National Poetry Day poem


I only got two replies. Here are my offerings to them:


For for  

Oh, Betty Boop,

you are so cute:

high heels, red dress, gold hoop

ear-rings, round face, big eyes, the way

you say Boop boop be doop.


Oh, how I struggled with this poem;

it took me quite a while.

Cos Betty is my secret crush;

I really love her style.




for  I did one on rushing around getting unruly children ready for school:

Get washed, get dressed, get breakfasted,

take ’em to school & then

survive the day & put ’em to bed

& do it all over again…

& again…

& again…



Yep, so on 28th September 2018 this little beauty came to me. 


Another poem about book

On further reflection

I see that Rejection

Therapy did have its pluses,

cos you asked and you got

(more often than not)

So I really can’t see what the fuss is.


#NationalPoetryDay National Poetry Day poem


On September 25th 2018 I wrote this one. My friend is a massive fan of Rhonda’s The Secret and she swears by it. Yes, she has a pin-board full of half-naked men which she keeps in her spare room because, well, you know… it’s full of half-naked men.


Another Poetic Report on book on ‘The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.’

When you read Rhonda’s book

I bet that it took a giant leap of faith to believe it;

that a dream COULD come true

just by wanting it to.

You can tell me now “did you achieve it?”


A Poetic Report on Book (September 18th 2018).


Well, I’m up to page thirty

And, ooh, you were flirty When you talked to those men on the train.

But you did ‘Face The Fear’

And for that I will cheer

And then ask “would you do it again?”


Now, I wrote this on September 18th 2018 because I couldn’t get to the Poetry fair. Sadly, no-one replied. I don’t know why.


An Apology


I won’t be there

at the Poetry Book Fair

cos on Saturdays I clean out the shed.

My four hens would hurt me

if I left them all dirty

so do you mind if I retweet this instead?


This poem was the first one I did for book (on September 17th 2018). Obviously I knew at this point that I was destined  to review books through the medium of tweet-rhymes…


Yesterday I went to Alton Towers

And stood in queues for hours & hours.

Good job I took The Help Me book

Although I didn’t half get some funny look …s

(cos I laughed out loud, you know, in a public place… Oh, never mind.)


Oh, I remember this one. I wrote it on 15th September 2018 and – as I recall – only TWO people retweeted. 


A Poem About Today & Me

I feel old,

I’ve got a cold,

And I ache from my head to my feet.

If there’s ANY justice in this world today

You’ll be kind and you’ll press retweet.


Ahhh, here it is. My very first poem. If only I’d have known that I was going to be so good I’d have made a poetry section earlier… 


Tell no-one you know me.

Tell no-one you’ve read this.

If asked just say “big-bottomed who?”

And if ever we meet when you’re out with your friends,

Keep my secret and just call me Q!