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A woman contemplating life, incognito


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About Me:

Name –  couldn’t possibly say.

Age –  don’t ask. That’s just rude.

Where I live – in a house… in the UK. You want more? Oh, alright, in a square-shaped house in the UK.

Other info – Oh, look! Do we have to do this? Can’t you see from the piccy, and from what I’ve just said, that I’m trying to go incognito?

I don’t want anyone knowing that I’m a big-bottomed, flat-footed, messy haired woman with bad eyes, lumpy thighs and a slight tendency to overindulge in cake…

Aghhh… What have I done? I’ve given too much away. Now everyone’ll know who I am.

Oh, darn it. Bang goes my anonymity.

Umm, would you excuse me one moment?     Thanks…

(What to do… what to do… Come on, Q. Think, will you? Think…)

< {^.^} >     (That’s me thinking…)

Ahhh, yes. Got it! Have a read of this. I think it’ll do the trick:

Tell no-one you know me.

Tell no-one you’ve read this.

If asked just say “big-bottomed who?”

And if ever we meet when you’re out with your friends,

Keep my secret and just call me Q!