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I have a pancake factory in my back garden…


No, I’m not lying; I really do have a pancake factory in my back garden and I have three very hard-working girls on the factory floor.

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(I used to have four girls helping me out but sadly last week, Semi, my Second-in command ‘moved on.’ Yes, it was an extremely traumatic time for us all and I hope you don’t mind but I’m not quite ready to talk about it yet. One day maybe… but not today, if that’s okay.)

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Anyway, back to my hard-working trio (as they now are) and – thanks to them – they’ve made running my fantastic pancake factory a breeze. “How so?” I hear you ask. Well, because each morning at sun-rise they cluck on – whoops, I mean clock on – whether I’m awake or not, and then just get straight on with their work.

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They regularly go the eggstra mile for me by producing one egg per laying unit per shift, which is great when I have a particularly large pancake order to fulfill. (What am I saying? I always have a large pancake order to fulfill).

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And since day one I can honestly say that I’ve never heard any of them use fowl language. I know; pretty amazing considering their genetics.

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And, okay, so I will admit that my lovely ladies don’t live on fresh air. Why, since they’ve kindly agreed to come and work for me they’ve got through (among other things):

6 x 20 kg sacks of pellets (yum),

8 bags of organic porridge (only the best for my team)  and

18 packets of dried worms (?!).

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But I’m certainly not going to grumble about it because, in 334 days, they’ve supplied me with the grand total of 322 ‘(nest) box-fresh’ eggs which I’ve used to make not only pancakes but also fried eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, egg sandwiches, omelettes, cookies and cakes…

cartoon egg food chickens ex-battery fried egg boiled egg scrambled egg cake pancake cookie BHWT justcallmeq Q queline


Hey, I’ve just re-read that last bit and how pretty darn great does that sound? I’d be a fool not to ask them if they want to stay on for another year, don’t you think? Yes, so, sorry but I must dash… because I have exactly 22 days to get a fresh contract drawn up for them. With (c)luck the pancake factory WILL continue.


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4 Responses to I have a pancake factory in my back garden…

  1. Aaaawww I’ve always wanted to keep hens , I’m not a big egg lover myself but my youngest daughter absolutely is and I think having poached , scrambled , boiled ….pancakes , Yorkshire pudding , omelettes ……to hand would make her ridiculously happy and that’s without even mentioning cakes !!! Congratulations! Someone loved this post so much they added it to our #blogcrush linky

    • Dear Kelly

      thankyou. I’ve never been on a #blogcrush linky before. It feels fab. It sounds like your daughter would make a great farmer one day. (That’s what I always wanted to be when I was a child – well, that, and run a craft shop.) Tell her that Floppy, Fork and Pam say hello!!!

      Love from Q

  2. love it ! I have some ex battery hens – they’re getting on a bit so don’t lay any more but they do have a good life, i also have an assortment of odd hens from various homes – say the last of a clutch etc – so I have 14 but only about 4 lay now – hey ho, they’ve served me well and are a gorgeous gaggle of girlies #blogcrush

    • Dear Berni

      I think people who keep hens (particularly ex-battery hens) are all-round good eggs because – as only people who keeps hens will know – they are SO messy.

      Love from Q

      PS: I LOVE your Klover smart 120 ‘aga’ (AND the fact that you like the colour pink so much).

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