Just call me q

A woman contemplating life, incognito

I’ll have the one that looks like a mole please…


I know it’s nearly winter but the other day I bought an ice cream and – I’m not joking – it had a face.

Here… look:

cartoon comic mole justcallmeq Q queline

Yes, I’m looking up at MY right, but YOUR left. Don’t ask me why; it just feels comfortable…


I mean, are manufacturers even allowed to sell products like these? It could scare children. Goodness knows it frightened the life out of me.

And I’m not being funny but isn’t putting a face on a choc-ice cruelty to animals in a strange sort of way? I’m a part-time vegetarian and even I felt a bit queasy when I opened the wrapper and out popped this:


cartoon comic mole justcallmeq Q queline

No-one has ever seen the underbelly of a real mole this close up before. Not even David Attenborough (I don’t think)…


As I scrutinized its chocolatey exterior (looking for fur) I wondered why on earth a manufacturer would actually want to take a short-sighted, cylindrical-shaped creature with large claws, small eyes and a penchant for worms and turn it into a frozen treat.

Did they have a mole-shaped mould lurking in the back of their stock-cupboard that needed using up?


cartoon comic mole justcallmeq Q queline


I knew that I’d never be able to answer such a myriad of questions before my icey subterranean mammal-on-a-stick melted so I did the only thing that I could do: I ate it. But it felt wrong.


cartoon comic mole justcallmeq Q queline

Sometimes moles and choc-ices get confused.