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A Poem To Greta Thunberg…


On 12th March 2019 young people and children all over the world marched AGAIN for #climatechange, as did Greta Thunberg who started the whole fabulous #climatechange strike marches. Let’s hope the adults listen before it’s too late.

Dear Greta,

seeing what you

and all the other young people do

makes me want to be

a better person.

Love from Q x

Part of a climatechange poster of the earth burning with the caption #climatechange Let's sort it out...
Photo of a #climatechange chalk writing on stone slabs saying "keep plastic out of the ocean"
Photo of a #climatechange chalk writing on stone slabs saying "climate change is worse than homework".
Photo of a #climatechange chalk writing saying "love our round planet".
Photo of #climatechange chalk writing saying "earn less, buy less, live more".
Photo of #climatechange chalk writing saying "2048 no fish in our ocean".

A Poem About #Plastic & Whales & Supermarkets…


I wrote this poem (on Twitter) to @BBCEarth  and @BBCScienceNews after reading about the poor juvenile whale in the Philippines that died recently and was found to have 40kg of plastic in its stomach. It’s so sad but what’s even sadder is that it’s not an isolated incident.

Here’s the news link if you want to read it:


Dear @asda & @Tesco & @sainsburys & @waitrose & @marksandspencer & @AldiUK & @LidlGB & everyone else,

“It makes me so sad to see this whale.

He’s a victim of #plasticpollution.

Please RAISE THE PRICE of your #plastic bags

Until we can find a solution.”

Love from Q x