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Today I Am Thinking About Cute Kitsch Ginger Kittens…

photo of small pink wardrobe door knob with cute kitsch ginger kitten 1950's  transfer

Or – to be precise – my cute and very kitsch handmade pink wardrobe door knobs with 1950’s transfers of a ginger kittens on them.

photo of four small handmade pink wardrobe door knobs with cute kitsch transers of ginger kitten from 1950's

Yes, I made them with my own fair hands. Well, I actually bought the wooden wardrobe door knobs but I did paint them (pink, obviously) and then applied a cute 1950’s transfer (or decal, as they’re called) onto them. Do you like them? No, don’t answer that cos if it’s a ‘no’ then you and me are going to fall out. And that is all I have to say on the matter. Goodbye. Qx

(Oh, and one more thing… do you like them?)

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