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What Could Be Better Than A Shelf Full Of Knick-knacks?


In answer to the above question: nothing. And that’s why I had some shelves put up in my ‘flamingo pink’ kitchen in order to show them off. Here, take a look at these photos; especially the last one. I absolutely love it… even if noone else does.

Photo of two white Pyrex mugs with pink, orange and brown flower pattern.

It doesn’t matter how thirsty anyone is NOONE touches these mugs.

Photo of three small pink plastic heart-shaped containers with lids.

Yes, they are ridiculously small and totally impractical but they’re pink and they’re heart-shaped and that is enough.

photo of front of a 1940's 1950's tin with red, pink and yellow roses.

(The front of my flowery tin.) If I could turn this into wallpaper, oh, believe me… I would.

Photo of plastic drinking cup in shape of a peach with green drinking straw.

This peach cup with leaf straw wasn’t even mine… but it is now.

Photo of a framed photo of a cat dressed in bomber jacket dj-ing.

Please do not tell me that the cat is stuffed and has been positioned like this cos I think I will cry.

Photo of a red wire fruit bowl in the shape of an apple.

I know. This ‘apple’ is crying out to be filled with oranges and bananas. Give us a chance…

Photo of a mosaic - made out of paper squares - of a flamingo's head.

This beautiful mosaic was the inspiration for the whole kitchen and, yes, it IS a flamingo.

Photo of white kitchen shelves with peachy pink walls and shelves filled with kitsch, retro, tacky and gaudy knick-knacks like cook books, tins, cups and photo.

And finally, here are my shelves. Yes, I know. They ARE lovely, aren’t they?

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